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A Poem about Dad – Jack Apps

J E APPS 1927-2020
My Dad

I want to write a story
About my precious dad.
He was a special kind of father
Who taught me good from bad.
Though only a decade we lived together
The morals and respect he taught me 
Will last forever.
We lived our lives a distance apart
But our conversations were never too far.
He told me stories about his life
And he stood by me when I was in strife.
He was a stern man
As his father was before him
But he was also a gentle man.
Who loved to have a yarn with anyone who listened.
As I grow older I see the traits he has passed onto me
The gait, the smile, the manners that I will honour with glee.
For he has left behind so much good it will live on in some
And he will look on with pride of the legacy
Passed on for generations to come.

 M. Hope 28 June 2020

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