We have had a lot of rain of late. One would not think that summer was just around the corner, thanks to La Nina.I am very comfortable at home, out of the rain, heater on when the temperature drops dramatically.

A week ago the rain was relentless and I went to do some shopping. I looked across the road to see a person sitting in a bus shelter. They had a wheelie walker, a blanket wrapped around their shoulders and goodies spread around on the concrete floor. My heart went out for them as I figured he was homeless and was sheltering in the bus shelter.

I decided to go home, get my big coat that I purchased in America one winter and have never worn it since. This was a perfect opportunity to pass it on to someone in need. Food…this person will need some nourishing food. So, I popped into the shops and purchased half a BBQ chicken, some cheese and biscuits, bananas, chocolate milk and orange juice. Perfect!! Off I went to pass all this on to the homeless person.

A van pulled up in front of me just as I arrived at the bus shelter. A gentleman got out and handed the homeless person a $20 note. He shook his head and refused to take it but shook the gentleman’s hand in appreciation. Wow!!!

I got out of the car with the bag of goodies and the jacket. He looked at me and said. “Oh lady, I don’t need anything, you are about the 40th person to pull up.” I said, it’s all healthy food and this jacket will keep you dry. He said, “Truly, I’m fine, I have a jumper under this waterproof jacket. I have heaps of food back at my camp. I am only here sheltering out of the rain.” I asked him how long he had been homeless. He said “4 years,. 2 in Melbourne and 2 here. When I came here I didn’t think I would get the pension anymore, but you wouldn’t believe it!. They gave me the pension. I don’t need it! I have everything I want!. Lady, a couple of months ago I went to the bank to see how much I had. I invested $17,000 into a term deposit. I must have another $5,000 by now.” I couldn’t believe my ears. He said he was very thankful for my kindness but I need nothing. I asked if he was happy with his living conditions. He said “Lady, I couldn’t ask for any more than what I have.”

Not everything is what it seems

So many assume. So little know.

Don’t trust everything you see, even salt looks like sugar.

The greatest wisdom is seeking through appearances – Buddha

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